Programmes to control moss and weeds

Moss and weeds are a strong challenge for the lawn, especially when the system is not good and seedlings are not strong. To increase competition against weeds and moss is good to imprive overall lawn quality: use seeds that allow a quick establishemntand fertilizers that keep the turf healthy and dense with a strong root system. If you act in a planned way, you avoid rescue operations. In the case when a treatment is necessary, LandscaperPro offers two ready-to-use specific products with a granular formulation having a double action: Weed control and turf nutrition.


Possible causes of moss:

  • Insufficient sunlight
  • Poorly fertile soil
  • Clay or compacted soil
  • Poor drainage
  • Cutting too short

To avoid the presence of moss, you need to face the primary conditions that caused it. Often, moss infestsshaded and compacted lawn surfaces where water stagnates easily, as well as poor fertility lawns. Landscaper Pro Shade Special counteracts its development and restores the condition of fertility and PH in the area where it is applied so that the grass is stimulated the grass to re-establish after the disappearance of the moss. If there is a lot of moss, you should repeat this application and / or reseed the affected areas.


Managing weeds is often challenging. Landscaper Pro Weed Control is a valuable help. This product solution, which acts in post-emergence on a variety of broadleaf weeds, is formulated to apply the exact amount of active element that controls the problem of weed and, at the same time, provides the right amount of fertilizer for the lawn. Indeed, the granules of LandscaperPro Weed Control contain components that ensure the supply of nutrients. This will fertilize while controlling the weeds. This is very important because a properly fed turf overcomes the weeding stress more easily. Being a granular product, it can be applied with a fertilizer spreader.




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