Sowing and re-turfing fertilization programme

A new lawn can be achieved either through sowing or by the laying of sod/turf rolls. The new surface needs specific treatments to form a green, healthy and resistant lawn as soon as possible. When you plant a new area of the lawn, it is essential to develop the roots properly for rapid establishement . LandscaperPro New Grass was developed for newly laid, sown or for regenerating turf.

  • Provides a balanced release of nutrients, preventing burning damage to the root system
  • Develops and strengthens roots. In the case of new sowing, it ensures a fast and thick turf establishement
  • Roots are provided with enough nutrition to develop a vigorous and well-balanced plant
  • Grass that grows vigorously will face the attack of pests better.

After establishment, you need to fertilize in a balanced way: a poorly fertilized turf is more vulnerable to diseases,whilst, an overfed lawn, with ordinary maintenance will be more challenging and more cuts will be necessary. To be sure to feed in a balanced way, apply a series of fertilization products from the LandscaperPro range, LandscaperPro New Grass,LandscaperPro Maintenance and LandscaperPro Stress Control.


Lay the first role of sod following a straight line, such as a wire stretched between two poles, a sidewalk or a driveway

  • Put the sides of the rolls of grass near, making them fit perfectly
  • Lay rolls in staggered rows, so that the end of a roll falls at the center of the adjacent roll
  • Spread a board on the newly laid rolls to distribute the weight and avoid leaving footprints on the grass while working
  • With the back of a rake, tamp strongly on the rolls junctions, so that the ends adhere to the ground
  • In the case of curves, cut the sods to insert them perfectly in the profile
  • Once the turf is laid, pass over it with a roller or compress it to remove any air pockets that may cause the turf to dry.
  • Water to wet the first 10-15 cm of soil
  • Make sure the underlying soil remains damp at least during the first 2 weeks, in particular the ends of the rolls
  • Do not walk on the turf for 10-14 days, until it will be well established in the ground below
  • In case of laying in spring/summer, plan one/two preventive fungicide interventions (see section on Disease Control)


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