Programmes for potted plants, shrubs and borders.


Growing plants in potspresents a specificchallenge. To face the whole growth season, plants need a constant and balanced supply of nutrients, which is rarely guaranteed by the reserves of natural nutrients present in the soil when they are potted. But be careful: fertilizing is necessary, but you have to do that in a balanced way. Excessive fertilization may cause a peak of salinity that, in turn, leads to a poor absorption of water by the roots. Often, the symptoms of phytotoxicity from excessive fertilization are mistaken for water needs. In those cases, if you irrigate, you create greater saturation to the roots, resulting in a lack of oxygen and death of the plant. LandscaperPro Flora, thanks to its technology that controls the release of nutrients, ensures a constant and balanced supply of nutrients, without causing peaks in salinity.

  • Potted plants can be fed at any stage of growth
  • With LandscaperPro Flora, the nutritional needs of the plants are met for the full season.


Borders, shrubs and bushes that are healthy, charaterise and enhance the the garden strongly and attract one’s attention, therefore their appearance is very important. LandscaperPro Flora supplies constant nutrients for up to six months, creating a vigorous and attractive development of borders, flower-beds and shrubs. The application of a high quality compound, free from peat, applied once a year in autumn or spring, will improve the drainage capacity of the soil, optimizing the structure and resulting in benefits for the root system.




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