Programmes for general maintenance

Compared to the traditional fertilization plans, Everris programs with LanscaperPro require fewer hours of work because:

  • Turf growing in a balanced way requires a smaller number of cuts and regenerations
  • Intervention times are more easily planned and predictable, and therefore they are cheaper
  • There is less need for rescue maintenance, such as phytosanitary and irrigation interventions


It is imperative to give nutrients in a balanced way: neither too much nor too little. If the turf is too fed much, it becomes difficult to be managed, while if it is not fedenough, it weakens, becoming more vulnerable to diseases and more infested with weeds. To do that, it is best to begin in March by applying LandscaperPro Maintenance, since its high nitrogen formulation was specially designed for an excellent and lasting revival. Thanks to LandscaperPro Maintenance, you enable both the aerial part of the seedling and the growth of the root system. As indicated in the following fertilization plans, the application of LandscaperPro Maintenance must be repeated in late summer. When the season is presenting heat or water stress, use a product rich in potassium. LandscaperPro Stress Control has been developed for applications in summer and early winter to increases the tolerance of plants to high and low temperatures. Its formula rich in potassium, in fact it gives additional strength to the plants.




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